The True Vine

Apr 18, 2021    Ben Day, Senior Pastor    John 15:1-11

Sermon Information:

The True Vine
John 15:1-11

We only receive spiritual life through our union with Christ.
We only bear fruit because of our union with Christ.

What is fruit?
The external result of an inward reality.

How is fruit produced?
Abiding in Christ through the Word, prayer, and obedience.
Pruning by God.

Discussion Questions:

What misconceptions have you had about living the Christian life? How can this teaching from Jesus help guard us from these misconceptions?

Pastor Ben described fruit as the external result of an inward reality. Do you find that we as Christians often focus on the outward rather than the inward?

Read Galatians 5:22-23. Notice that ‘fruit’ in v. 22 is singular. How might that affect the way we read these verses? In what ways have you seen the fruit of the Spirit grow in your life?

When it comes to abiding in Christ through the Word, prayer, and obedience, how would you say you are doing? Which of those three areas is the greatest struggle for you?

Read Hebrews 12:4-11. Can you think of an example of God “pruning” or “disciplining” you? Did your season of pruning lead to more fruit? Is there something that you need to let God prune from your life right now?