"Our diverse congregation is a great picture
of what heaven will be like and a picture to the world 
around us of the love that can come through Christ."

"I really like to get to praise God
with my friends and I like Sunday kids class!"

"FirstSF has become a familiar refuge to me.
A place that the Lord has provided to show me more of His love
and sovereignty in more ways that I could imagine."


Birth - 5th Grades
The goal of FirstKIDS ministry is to partner with parents in leading children to love and live for Jesus. Our mission is threefold:  to always keep children safe and secure, to encourage and assist parents in their role as the primary disciplers of their children, and to teach God's Word to the children while at church!


6th - 12th Grades
The Youth Ministry at FirstSF is committed to partnering with families to develop youth (6th through 12th grades) who are fully committed to the cause of Christ, both now and into their adult years. We do this through Sunday morning classes, monthly Fun Fridays, Discipleship Groups, workshops, and act as chaperones/drivers for youth outings and events.

Accessibility Ministry

The vision of this ministry is to identify and break down barriers that keep individuals with special needs and their families from being able to fully participate in the life of the church. It is our prayer that everyone in our church would understand that the Body of Christ includes those who don't talk, walk, think, feel, see, or hear the way other parts do.

Young Adults & College Students

Sure...San Francisco offers you beautiful scenery, delicious fusion food, and all the hipster coffee you can drink, but many are still looking for real community and direction in their lives. The Young Professionals group at FirstSF is comprised of individuals and couples in their 20s and 30s. We have various events throughout the year such as Bible studies, seasonal retreats, lunches, and gatherings.

Worship & Arts Ministry

Band, Choir, A/V
We believe all people were created to worship and that there is room for different expressions of worship with the main goal being to make much of Jesus. You will see people from every socioeconomic, ethnic, educational, and generational background represented in our choir, band, and audio/visual teams. You will hear many different genres of music and experience various expressions of worship from liturgical readings to celebrations of baptism or communion.  Along with the worship band and choir, an integral, though usually unseen, part of our Sunday morning service is the hard work of the members of our Audio/Visual & Technology Team.