Pastors & Staff

Ben Day

Senior Pastor

Ben and his wife, Alana, are originally from Baton Rouge, LA. They have two sons, Ezekiel and Levi, who were both born in Las Vegas. Most people don’t know that Ben has gone scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Ben loves all types of food, but is still looking for his favorite restaurant in SF. He’d love to hear your recommendations!

Clark Fobes

Associate Pastor

Clark was born and raised in San Francisco and has been in pastoral ministry in the City since 2012. He and his family are excited to be part of FirstSF to continue to display the Kingdom of God amongst the unreached in SF and the nations. Most people don’t know that he has a hidden passion for musicals and performed in productions all throughout High School. If he could eat anywhere in SF, it would be at his and his wife’s favorite restaurant, Cotogna.

David Busch

Minister of Music & Worship Arts / Building Manager

David is from Detroit, Michigan. Two things most people don't know is that he is shy and that he has played music in all but 4 states! If he could eat anywhere in SF, it would be a place that has a warm atmosphere with books and beautiful architecture accompanied by family and friends.

Jessie Deol

Children's Ministry Director

Jessie was born and raised in Northern California and moved to San Francisco in 2007.  Her heart's greatest desire is for people (of all ages) to know Jesus, and for those who know Him to grow deeper in relationship with Him. Most people don't know that she was a spelling bee champ in elementary school. If she could eat anywhere in SF, it would be Live Sushi Bar in Potrero Hill.

Samantha F.

Volunteer Coordinator

Samantha (or Sam) is from the Dallas area and has called SF home for 10 years. She loves to explore other cultures and listening to people's life stories.  Most people don't know that she  collects a patch from every place she has traveled. If she could eat anywhere in SF, she would eat at Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant.

Zion Selvaraj

Office Manager and Youth Director

A Missionary kid born in India, raised in Amsterdam and now living and loving the people and city of San Francisco. For the past 10 years, her and her parents have been part of FirstSF and are ministering to bringing the gospel and love of Jesus to the city. Most people don’t know that she was the QB for her high school flag football team. If she could eat anywhere in the city, it would be Nara Sushi on Haight.

Joel Cruz

Technology & Communications Director 

Joel was born in SF and lived in the Bay Area most of his life, with a few years up in Oregon for college. He started attending FirstSF back in 2008. Joel has a passion for music and the arts and seeks ways that can be used for God’s glory in the church. Most people don’t know he has produced and recorded his own music under the artist name CitySeas. If he could eat anywhere in SF, it would be Taqueria Guadalajara in the Outer Mission.