Community Outreach OPPORTUNITY

Email to join us with one of our local partners in building meaningful connections with our community in San Francisco.

Other ways for us to engage and
serve our community: (CLICK LINKS BELOW)

  • Call someone you know who is in quarantine and ask how they are doing. Encourage them to let the church know if they have any physical or monetary needs. They can use the Resources link on the church website.
  • Reach out to your neighborhood via Nextdoor or Facebook and see if there are any ways that you can help your neighbors.
  • Write thank you cards/notes with an encouraging scripture to doctors and nurses at your local hospital and other essential workers e.g., mail delivery person or the store workers at your local grocery store to thank them for their work during this difficult time.
  • If you can sew, consider making masks to giveaway in your neighborhood, especially to the frontline workers and senior homes. For more info, visit